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Straya: Greens hate Christians

Malcolm Roberts is a newly minted Australian Senator who is on fire.  He stood up in the Aussie senate chamber to deliver this missive to the thugs who want to shut Christians down. So the title “Reverend” is intimidating?  GMAB. … Continue reading

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Dare to tell the truth, bigot

One of the most fascinating articles I have read. What remains of my life may be short, and I am only finding out how much I really don’t know.  

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Government ain’t God.

In this confusing post modern world where punters now have difficulty separating male and female, how on earth are people meant to tell the difference between Good and Evil? I lost God in my teens.  He is still there. This … Continue reading

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Santiago Matamoros

St James is the un-politically correct patron saint and divine mentor of Spanish Christians during a key battle in 844 AD.  Matamoros is the Moor Slayer.  Uh, I will let you look that one up yourself.  Or just click the … Continue reading

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Stupid Christians get dose of Islam

UPDATE: Video of protest and commentary. This is hilarious, and serious at the same time.  Gosford Church on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia often has rabid leftist signs on the Church sign board.  Father Bower supports Islamic refugees.  … Continue reading

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World leaders show us the way

EGYPTIAN PRESIDENT EL-SISI: AUSTRALIAN EX-PM TONY ABBOTT:   And more from Vlad Tepes, who promises to keep us abreast of more leaders who speak plainly about the self evident problems when Islam comes to town. Just how many people did … Continue reading

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Uplifting words. Indescribable loss for a family.

My brother Patrick. Bern, God often makes you wait till the very last second before he moves to bring you out of trouble. The evil you face is not Gary Burns, he is simply an agent of the true enemy, … Continue reading

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