Turnbull’s truckies could lose it all

It just doesn’t get any worse than this.  Turnbull could easily draw up legislation to abandon the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal which is forcing mum and dad truckies to financial ruin.

But  no, Turnbull thinks he can use Aussie trucking firms who own and operate their own vehicles as an election issue.

Who does he think he is?  If it is important, get a wriggle  on and abolish the RSRT now.

These truckies are being used as a political pawn by an increasingly desperate man who does not have a clue of what to do  with  the office of the Prime Minister of Australia.

Shame  on every one of the dunderheads who put this political prince into power.

I hear there is a convoy planned, to make the point to Turnbull.  Stay tuned.






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