Jordan Peterson cops a serve

I watched this young man stand up straight, put his shoulders back and take his rightful place in the world.


Wow! MW was chased relentlessly by lame stream media.  This is his story.

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2 weeks and I am off!

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Barnaby Joyce goes pinis


This saga might seem to be over for the insiders, but it will never be over for Barnaby, Natalie, their children, Vikki (Trampion) and their unborn child.

For the record, here is my prediction on 12 Feb.  On Twitter. 😛


I have ALWAYS taken a dim view of women (and men) who offer sex to a married target.  It says a lot about their character.


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Bush Lemon


My husband brought me 40 lemons back from a recent trip to the NSW bush in Australia.  I gave 6 away, used about 10 for preserved lemon and froze the rest.


I have succeeded in germinating 3 seeds out of 12.

I peeled 7 and 3 sprouted. I gave one to a mate, one died and one is thriving at our home in a pot.

I planted five seeds as they were, and one sprouted.  It is raging!

Here are pictures of my seedlings as they have grown.  I talk to them, chase the sun around our apartment building and look at them every day.  Enjoy!

Plant grown from peeled seed. (The peeled seeds were left to sprout inside a plastic bag in the pantry. The sprouts were planted 11 Dec 2017).


One week old

10 days old

2 weeks old

Repotted 4 Jan 2018 at 3-1/2 weeks old.  The one on the left died, the one on the right is now thriving in this pot.

12 Jan 2018 at 4-1/2 weeks old


18 Jan 2018 – 5 weeks old



20 Feb 2018 at just over 10 weeks old.


23 Feb 2018   at 10-1/2 weeks old.  This seedling now loves its big pot!

Seedling from whole seed (unpeeled, just stuck in the soil as is).



This seedling is now almost 9 weeks old.  It was finally repotted at 7 weeks.

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Am I aging or going backwards?

Just a wee update. I feel better than I have in years, having shifted 60 lb and what looks like 10 years.

I credit quitting wine, Ketogenic diet and fasting for the change. And Ceil Chapman who designed that pink dress.

I am preparing to walk the Camino.  😎


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Wisdom de Sowell – Affirmative Action Around the World


I read this, which helped me decide whether special rights should be afforded to groups of people.

Cassie Jaye and Stefan Molyneux give ID Politics a bit of sunlight.

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Yes vs No – IV

31 Oct 2017 #LoveIsLove Oh.

26 Oct 2017 Dinner with a side of BACKLASH.  T’is the #loveislove brigade again.

23 Oct 217 Milo says NO.  Didn’t he just marry his boyfriend?

23 Oct 2017 Court punted from WA School. Just because.

20 Oct 2017 YESFest cancelled.

18 Oct 2017 TOO GOOD!

18 Oct 2017 Quell Surprise.

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