Why should you?

Here’s why.

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Shut Up, they say. Just Shut Up.

Bookmarked.  That swamp full of WELTs (Western Elite Leftist Thugs), in Canberra just voted to banish criticism of ideas that are chock full of incitement to kill.

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Angry White Male punches back

This is delicious!

David Leyonhjelm is the newly elected Senator for NSW in Australia, and has launched an anti discrimination suit against a Fairfax journalist for calling him an “angry white male”, and “giving offence”.

Get your popcorn.

Lion Heart (Leyonhjelm) wants Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act repealed.

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Stupid Christians get dose of Islam

UPDATE: Video of protest and commentary.

This is hilarious, and serious at the same time.  Gosford Church on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia often has rabid leftist signs on the Church sign board.  Father Bower supports Islamic refugees.  Any Christian from the Middle East could tell this misguided Father that he is as nutty as a fruit cake.

Now this.

ALMOST a dozen anti-Islamic protesters stormed a church service on Sunday morning wearing fake Muslim garb and shouting racial slurs.

About 10 members of the Party for Freedom group, big supporters of One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, interrupted the 9am sermon at the Gosford Anglican Church on NSW’s Central Coast and vilified Muslims and linked them to terrorism and paedophilia.

Of course,  the protestors  never actually cut off Father Bower’s head, or stabbed any of the parishioners.

I wonder if it occurs to very stupid Christians what would have happened had these Islamic protestors been actual devout Muslims intent on jihad against the People of the Book?

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My tax dollar well spent on a brilliant blockbuster!

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Aussie Patriots Condelled the Senate

The Senate results from the July 2016 election were finally released early last week.  And I must say that us Aussie patriots have changed the political landscape in the land down under.

Firstly, we have knackered the impossibly stupid Malcolm Turnbull.  How did we do that?   Conservative voters who were disgusted with the cutting down of Tony Abbott in September 2015 simply withdrew support from the Liberal Party.  We parked our votes with minor conservative parties  in the House of Representatives, and we made our voice heard in the Senate.  We called ourselves the delcons, a term coined by Miranda Devine, one of our leading conservative journalists.

We have elected four Pauline Hanson One Nation senators, one of whom is Malcolm Roberts who  is well across the issue of the Global Warming rort, and the threat of Islamic terrorism.

The result is that the Liberal – National coalition lost 14 seats to barely hang on to power in  the lower house, and we embiggened the cross bench in the Senate to 11 Senators.  Paul Hanson’s One Nation Party out polled The Greens in Queensland.

So Turnbull has to either deal with a Hanson led voting block in the Senate or turn to the Greens senators.  If he turns to the Greens, disaffected and disappointed Liberals will tear him down and replace him with Abbott again.   If he deals with Hanson, he will need to come to grips with the green fraud that is renewable energy and the realities of Islamic creed.

Hanson is unlikely to be kind to Turnbull or the Liberals.  She either gets what she wants or Turnbull is finished before he starts.


We have a Seinfeld Government: A Government About Nothing.

We just voted the bastards out.  No blood letting, no screaming, no kidding.   We just voted the dumb bastards out.



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