Wisdom de Sowell – Affirmative Action Around the World


I read this, which helped me decide whether special rights should be afforded to groups of people.

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Yes vs No – IV

31 Oct 2017 #LoveIsLove Oh.

26 Oct 2017 Dinner with a side of BACKLASH.  T’is the #loveislove brigade again.

23 Oct 217 Milo says NO.  Didn’t he just marry his boyfriend?

23 Oct 2017 Court punted from WA School. Just because.

20 Oct 2017 YESFest cancelled.

18 Oct 2017 TOO GOOD!

18 Oct 2017 Quell Surprise.

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After a break from the Queen’s birthday, the opponents on this issue have started again!

16 Oct 2017 Church vandalised by the #loveislove brigade.  Yes, homosexual deviants are driven by pure unadulterated evil.

15 Oct 2017 It’s a freedom thing y’all.  A gay marriage means freedom for the few vs thuggery for a few more.

13 Oct 2017 Why do the activists want to sexually groom your children?  Sickos.

13 Oct 2017 More persecution

7 Oct 2017 Westpac is SORRY. Duh. For LYING.

7 Oct 2017 Uh, this is insane.

7 Oct 2017 People in the U.K. lose jobs if they say NO to promoting homosexuality.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is wrong.  Very wrong.

6 Oct 2017 Law Society backflips on YES vote.

6 Oct 2017 There’s an APP for that. More soul destroying gender bending tools for school age children.

6 Oct 2017 Westpac lies to bully staff into voting YES.  FMD.

6 Oct 2017 Ratbags. YES flag set on fire.  🔥

6 Oct 2017 Wrest Casino: NO Rally would put pressure on our security and staff.  No shit, Sherlock. No guff.

4 Oct 2017 Fight back, peoples. NO Campaign venue cancels.  Suddenly.

4 Oct 2017 Haters gonna HATE. Kirralee cops it from the #loveislove crowd.

2 Oct 2017 Media, Schools, Sport all say YES!

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Legal Sexual Grooming of Children


The Safe Schools program in Australia is legalised child grooming.  Here’s why.

First a short synopsis from Oprah Winfrey.

Stage 1: Target the Victim;  Stage 2: Gain the victim’s trust; Stage 3: Fill the child’s needs; Stage 4: Isolate the child; Stage 5: Sexualise the child; Stage 6: Maintain control of the child

Gentle readers may like to watch this video which exposes this Safe Schools Program and pick all of the elements of grooming.



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Yes vs NO – II


And the beat goes on ……

30 Sep 2017 Wut. Anglican Church loses the plot.

29 Sep 2017  You guessed it. Yes supporter ASSAULTS bloke with NO sign.  UPDATE: Man Charged.  Good.

28 Sep 2017 Uh Oh. YES supporter harasses NO campaigner. He has come here from Lebanon.  He shows remarkable constraint.

28 Sep 2017 YES activist spits on priest. Sickening.

28 Sep 2017 At last! Love this ❤️❤️❤️

27 Sep 2017 Tim Blair skewers the bigot.

27 Sep 2017 Prominent YES activist throws truth bomb. Fighting for gay marriage involves lying.  Colour me dumbstruck!

27 Sep 2017 It’s almost like they want a brawl. Macklemore? Srsly.

26 Sep 2017 Now this is wrong.  Homosexuals feel deep love for their partners.  Give your head a shake Archbishop Coleridge.

26 Sep 2017 Oh, I see.  Queer Power.  Sounds like hate speech?  Not sure…

26 Sep 2017 Media exposure or selective outrage?  NO supporter loses his shit.

26 Sep 2017 NO supporters get nasty in Brisbane.

25 Sep 2017 Yes vote down.  You can’t text message gee up!

25 Sep 2017 Activist Mom reports NO supporters threatening arson on Christian church supporting traditional marriage.

25 Sep 2017 YES supporter gets nasty swastika graffiti.

25 Sep 2017 YES! We can harass NO supporters.

25 Sep 2017 Journalist cheers violence against Abbott. Uh, he has a press pass. FMD.

24 Sep 2017 Vote YES and get gender bending shite like this:


What was that I just watched?

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More abuse from Madlin

Madlin Sims appears to be now Sadlin Mims on Facebook.  For those who want to know, Madlin sacked an 18 year old contractor for supporting the NO vote on Same Sex Marriage.

I asked Madlin whether she supports this:


Gentle readers will need to take something for nausea before watching.  Make sure you watch this to the end.

What was her response to my question?

A torrent of personal attacks.

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Yes v No











24 Sep 2017 More gay marriage bullying. Christians cop it.

23 Sep 2017 Queensland Police not on with NO….

23 Sep 2017 Best of the Week.

22 Sep 2017 Yes activist harasses NO supporter.  UPDATE: More abuse for NO supporter.

22 Sep 2017 Yes activists cheer the head butt.  Incredible.

21 Sep 17 Former PM Tony Abbott head butted by YES campaigner.

21 Sep 2017 Young people frightened to support NO case.

21 Sep 2017 Ballots for sale.

21 Sep 2017 No sign torn down.

21 Sep 2017 AFL bullies NO voters by openly supporting YES campaign.  Update: YES banner taken down.  LOL.

20 Sep 2017 Prominent NO campaigners push fake claim that Marriage Equality will save 3,000 suicides.  FMD.

20 Sep 2017 Christians beware of Marriage Equality.

19 Sep 2017 18 year old Christian girl sacked for supporting NO campaign on facebook profile picture “It’s OK to say NO”  Update: Sacked Madeline volunteered for dementia sufferers.  This. just. gets. worse.

19 Sep 2017 Complete silence from the YES campaign about Muslims supporting NO vote

19 Sep 2017 Marriage equality destroys bakers.

19 Sep 2017 High profile YES Forster gets nasty with her brother – former Prime Minister Abbott.

18 Sep 2017 Target of YES activists speaks.

18 Sep 2017 Prove you’re not bullies, YES campaigners!

15 Sep 2017 Howard attacks Turnbull limiting free speech, due to push for Marriage Equality.

14 Sep 2017 Violent attack on peaceful, restrained NO campaign students

14 Sep 2017 Shut your mouth – or else.

12 Sep 2017 Marriage Equality push limits free speech.  More hereMore here.

12 Sep 2017 Government refuses to protect religious freedoms.

11 Sep 2017 Granahan cancels meeting after threats from SSM activists

11 Sep 2017 MP says that NO campaigners frightened

11 Sep 2017 Fairfax journalist threatens to “Hate-Fuck” opponents

10 Sep 2017 Driver falsely accused of running vehicle at YES supporters.

10 Sep 2017 – Subway joins debate!

10 Sep 2017 – Labor promises Gaystapo.

9 Sep 2017 AMA gets into hot water by taking the YES position.  Doctors revolt.  They double down with more lies.

3 Sep 2017 Pansy Lai appears in NO campaign ad, 5,000 NO supporters try to get her deregistered.

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