How could they?

How could the Australian Liberals allow Turnbull to trash its basic goodness?

And now they want to get rid of this man.

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Don’t Wear a #Dirndl when…

…. trying to eat a 1 kilo Pork Knuckle at the German Club!

Seriously, I am eating #ZeroCarb, so ordered the Pork Knuckle without potatoes, sauerkraut or gravy.  Good thing I did!  My mouth was full of crackling in the last photo.



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Baby boomers, Bigotry and Borders

I am a tail end Baby Boomer.  And I am fed up to the back teeth with #MyGeneration.  We stuffed up.  We stuffed up badly. And young men and women are paying a high price for our perfidy.

Border security is necessary for any nation state to function.  Most Western countries are magnets for liberty lovers because of our Christian heritage and the divine “Golden Rule” – Treat thy Neighbour as Thyself.  Individual rights come from God, and need to be protected by the State.

I contend that Border Security is not Bigotry.  Border security helps protect those hard fought freedoms which apply to all citizens – including migrants.

I feel better now.



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Minority Report


Thomas Sowell exposes the myths told by those who claim to be making society better.

It changed my view on many things.

Worth a read.


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Breakfast of Champions

Yes, I just finished the Camino Frances.  I hiked 900 km across Spain and it was EPIC.

I am thankful to God for granting me extra innings and for the Champions who have stood for truth and reason to help restore my health.  Who are these people? They are Dieticians, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Doctors, PhDs, researchers and risk takers. Many of them have been slandered, libeled and had their livelihoods under threat.  They stood strong.

Thank you.  Words are simply not enough to describe my gratitude. I am alive. I saw my stepson and his wife get married when I did not think it possible.  I am alive to see the birth of their exquisite daughter.  I have seen my grandsons grow and change.  I am so very, very thankful.

My Cancer appears to be at bay. My health is grand and my heart is full of love for my husband, my family, and those champions who guided me in my journey back to health and faith.

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Jordan Peterson cops a serve

I watched this young man stand up straight, put his shoulders back and take his rightful place in the world.


Wow! MW was chased relentlessly by lame stream media.  This is his story.

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2 weeks and I am off!

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