Ovarian Cancer – Diagnosis and Treatment

UPDATE 21 Feb 2017

Great news from the Naturopath.  Every session is one where she updates my symptoms (duh, aging is one big ‘symptom’ if you ask me).  Then measurements of resistance are taken on the Theratest machine.  My results are holding and there is only some decline in bladder function (ahem) and hip.  I won’t go into the details, but I am feeling well, less tired than I was.

No bastard gets more energetic as they age, so staying as I am is better than getting worse.

Next stop, surgical team follow up in early March.

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This book is a great read, and changed my life for the better.  I followed Rob Tripp’s reporting of this extraordinary case from day one.  I had spotted his original article in June 2009.  And I was captivated by the crime scene, and the absolute horror I felt for these young Muslim girls when it was found that the three of them – Zainab, Sahar and Geeti had died along with the ‘aunt’ Rona.  (Rona turned out to be Shafia’s first wife).

This book  was the culmination of months and years of investigation and has one of the most compelling prologues I have ever read.

This crime shocked me for  many reasons: one being that nobody in Canada would  talk about it.   Ordinary folk would simply turn to other  topics.

I sure hope that has changed since 2009.



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Witness Deleted


I found a public post on facebook with the original video.

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Je ne parle pas Francais

If I understood French well enough, this would be too devastating to watch and listen.  The subtitles reflect total despair.

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Molan gets a Mention: Hungary

Jim Molan was the champion of “stop the boats” to break the people smuggler’s business into its Australian franchise.   Hungarian analyst Laszlo Foldi reckons that the current Australian approach protects the country and its citizens.

Watch for yourself:

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What has happened to Toronto?

Just let that sink in for a quick second.  If you are half smart, you will most likely come to the conclusion that those who want to kill you for speaking about wrong things are hardly your best mate.   Are you ready for the inevitable?  I didn’t think so….

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Silence Ain’t Golden.

When I was about 10 years old, my Aunt slapped me across the face for  telling my mother to shut up.  I can remember that to this day; I  learned the hard way that telling people to shut up was socially unacceptable.

Perhaps you should watch this with mates who would otherwise tell you to shut up.  Or maybe watch it in solitude and decide for  yourself if you want to stand by  in polite silence while history is repeated like the stanza of a bad tune.

Your choice.

I would agree that many Christians are afraid when it comes to Islam. If you are one of those people who call themselves Christian, and you support the import of a deadly and destructive force like Islam, you are doing yourself, your family and your community a grave disservice.

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Message to #GenerationNext

I have been blessed beyond belief with nieces and nephews, friends’ children and my own step children (and THEIR children) that I hardly know where to begin.

Rest assured that your voices matter and if you are patriotic, pro freedom and pro life you stand with the majority.  You are not alone.

If you feel that you must not speak on any subject, for fear of losing loved ones, please don’t stand by in polite silence while civil society is being white anted.

Read this for a start.  Link to http://www.quadrant.org.au to read article “The Suicide of the West” by Merv Bendle. Samsung says no (to Copy/Paste).

It is simply astonishing that purportedly sophisticated societies would so eagerly embrace such a large, aggressive and religiously-driven mass of invaders, especially when the historical record about the inevitable disastrous outcome is so clear.

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