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Die! Die! Huge Spider = Police Response

  Meanwhile, in Australia…. New South Wales police responded to calls from worried neighbours after they heard screaming coming from a house nearby. At around 2am on a Saturday morning, there were reports of a man and a woman screaming … Continue reading

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You Shall Be As Dust

Well deserved dressing down by Andrew Neil.

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You’re as Cold as ISIS

From the truth teller, Vlad Tepes.  Thank God in heaven for independent bloggers.   Thank God.  And Insh’Allah we will expose Islam’s true nature.  

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Islam is a Religion of Thugs

Sultan Knish explains why Islam is a Religion of War.  Please share this as widely as possible.  Share it with local councils, politicians, community leaders, newspapers, online  blogs, television news hosts. Be sociable! Share.  

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White Ribbon Day. I call Bullshit.

I was walking in Queen Street Mall when I stumbled across two Australian Army blokes selling something.  I stopped and asked what they were selling and it related to “White Ribbon Day”.  I politely declined.  Perhaps I did tell them … Continue reading

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Taking Syrian Refugees is Immoral

This from Gates of Vienna blog. But the goal of refugee protection is to provide people adequate succor until they can return home, not maximize opportunity for a select few. Please share this article widely.

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Australian Offence Farce

I think I must be in love with Ray Hadley from Radio 2GB in Australia.  I admit to having erotic dreams about Alan Jones.   Yes, I only had one. No, I have not told my husband. I love these leading … Continue reading

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