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Belgium parliament applauds jihad.

Debate: Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang) and Centre-right winger Jan Jambon (N-VA) about the Qur’an among other things. House of Representatives, 22nd Jan 2015. Duh. Gah. Hmm. Meh.

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Freedom! It’s funny…

RIP Ronnie. May you shine forever.

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Silence is deadly

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#EgyptAir Flight Hijacked

☆☆☆☆☆BREAKING   UPDATE 2: Reported 2GB873 the vest is fake & this is a domestic situation. UPDATE: Reports of 4 foreigners left on board.  Twitter #egypt. An Egypt Air flight from Alexandria to Cairo has been hijacked.   Some passengers … Continue reading

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#SJW Burnside blames us, houses criminal refugee

Is anyone other than me sick of these Social Justice Warriors with a high profile who support refugees at all costs, whilst contemptuously denigrating those of us  who point to obvious problems with devout jihadis who arise straight from the … Continue reading

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ITV: Saudi Arabia Uncovered

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Brussels laughs in the face of Islam

Leftists are laughable and should be ridiculed without pity at every turn until reality sets in.  The #BrusselsBrainsTrust (Lefties) has now made the video private, which means you can’t see how utterly stupid and ignorant they look to be.  Don’t worry. You … Continue reading

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