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Douglas is right…

I intend to  hand the freedoms I have enjoyed to the next generations to follow. Advertisements

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Crash the Border, Kill the Culture

I  have a friend of the Leftist persuasion who told  me that  she was glad that the people streaming into  Greece and the rest of Europe from the  Middle East were helping raise awareness.  She said  that nobody cared about … Continue reading

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Left -vs- Right

Dennis Prager writes about the key differences between Left and Right. Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX.

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Sex and Children – The Toxic Impact of the Sex Ed Industry

Dr Miriam Grossman takes us behind the veil of politically correct Sex Ed.  Parents have the right to teach whatever they wish to their children.  The Sex Education curriculum available to children in Ontario as introduced by its current Premier has a sordid history.  … Continue reading

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Boy Play – No this is not Bob The Builder

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Why I am an Islamophobe

Many people ask me why a lowly kafir like me would even take an interest in Islam in the first place.  In 2009, three young Muslim girls were dumped into the Rideau Canal (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), along  with their father’s … Continue reading

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Ur a Haider

Who is the Islamophobe? Sadly, there are people who would like to silence this young woman and her quest to shine the light of truth on Islamic doctrine.

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