Australian PM: Dog Who Caught Bus He Was Chasing


UPDATE: Turnbull wants to do a deal with the DevilMalcolm must be insane if he thinks cutting a deal will satisfy Islamic State.   This deal could possibly cede the Islamic State its own territory.

Malcolm Turnbull looks for all the world like the dog who caught the bus it was chasing. Now that he’s got the bus in his grip, he doesn’t quite know what to do with it.  And his bad political timing in the whole affair is now on show for all to see.

Turnbull stole the job of Prime Minister from our duly elected Tony Abbott, by using stealth, deception and utter bastardry to gain the support of nervous and soon-to-be-jobless back benchers in the Australian House of Representatives.  His current Deputy, Julie Bishop, is seen by many conservative voters to have played a key role in betraying Tony Abbott and propping up Malcolm the Dog.  Scott Morrison played both sides of the political fence and is no doubt nursing a sore backside which will most likely be a recurrent condition until he is retired by the people of Australia at the upcoming federal election.

The next thing Australians knew, the Immigration Minister was dumped from the National Security Committee.  Abbott successfully stopped the boats and brought back that old fashioned idea of “border control”, which has become so popular in Europe these  past few weeks.   The critical role of the Immigration Minister at the  time (ScoMo) was crucial to the operational success of regaining control over our sovereign borders.  The people smugglers sensed their grand opportunity.   Considering Turnbull’s lack lustre response to the Paris attacks, commentators and fellow politicians have urged  Turnbull to rethink this massive blunder.

The next, next thing Australians knew, in early October, after Abbott had been brutally deposed and silenced by his parliamentary colleagues, Turnbull decided to  use softer and more gentle approaches to the Muslim Community, rather than Abbott’s insistence that Imams start dropping truth bombs rather than real ones.   Just hours after this sensitive new age approach, Curtis Cheng (RIP) was executed by a devout 15 year old Muslim.  His political timing  could not have been worse.   Turnbull has since sidled up to the Grand Mufti of Australia (why do we need a Grand Mufti?) with a ham fisted attempt to appease the Muslims by pissing off just about every sensible Australian.  The Grand Mufti has known links to Hamas and despite living here for 18 years, cannot speak fluent English.

Locked and loaded with Dhimmi fuel and supplies, Turnbull continued his bad political timing by attempting to discredit Abbott’s uber successful border control strategies by sidling up to the biggest loser in Europe, Angela Merkel.  His slimy attempt to discredit Abbott’s solid record on stopping the boats and controlling our borders, hours BEFORE the Paris horrors can only be described as utterly stupid and politically dangerous.  Some  of the Islamic terrorists, it turns out, have gained access to Europe via the wave (flood) of Muslim migrants.

Fast forward to the past few days.  Turnbull’s initial response to the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris fell well short of the mark when it  comes to protecting the safety and security of Australian citizens. (NO I am NOT going to give the STM – Standard Muslim Disclaimer).   He could not utter the words “Islam” or “Muslim”.  He DID manage “Terrorism” in his address to the nation.

So, YES! Turnbull does look very much like the dog that caught the bus it was chasing.  Lets hope the driver sees the dog, slows down enough to kick it to the kerb and drives off again in the original direction.





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