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Legal Sexual Grooming of Children

The Safe Schools program in Australia is legalised child grooming.  Here’s why. First a short synopsis from Oprah Winfrey. Stage 1: Target the Victim;  Stage 2: Gain the victim’s trust; Stage 3: Fill the child’s needs; Stage 4: Isolate the … Continue reading

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Sikh Awareness – Compelling

Wherever you live – UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Holland, France, Germany – you  need to be aware that brave souls like Andrew Norfolk have been giving a voice to victims of Muslim grooming gangs. If you have a daughter … Continue reading

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Ontario – Marxist Hell Hole

If you believe gender theory, you are too stupid to vote.  Subordinating your own powers of observation to mindless lies makes you worse than stupid. It makes you dangerous.   And if you are a functional parent of a child … Continue reading

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#SafeSchools my arse

Children are being groomed for sexual exploitation in Australia by sexual deviants and miscreants. If you are a parent or a grandparent or an auntie or an uncle, you need to heed this and protect your kids from these fucking … Continue reading

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From True Blue NZ blog: “Of course, we can avoid the cost of a same sex marriage plebiscite in Australia by simply leaving the Marriage Act as it is – no cost there…..but the SSM people want the change and … Continue reading

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Cul de Sac of Marxism.

Did they just pick the dumbest students or what?  Our enemies must be ROTFLTAO. This sort of dissociation from objective reality is dangerous.

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Children need protection from the Regressive Left

From The Marcus Review. If you don’t pay attention to the weeds in your garden, they will keep growing relentlessly until they completely take over. You can’t just pull a few out and leave it for a year or even a … Continue reading

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