Bullies trash Bernardi’s office in support of anti bully program

Bernardi Office Trashed March 2016

UPDATE 3 – The destroyers.  Video of trashing the fence and outside of Bernardi’s office.  His staff were menaced by these thugs.  WELTs (Western Elite Leftist Thugs)

UPDATE 2 – Labor has called those who look askance at sexualising young children as “homophobes”.  I wonder if this incited the violence against Corey Bernardi’s office?

UPDATE: Protestors took  pictures of themselves in the act of trashing the office, supporters make threats to burn Corey Bernardi’s office down.  Time for the Feds.  Do these kids need parenting? Or police?

Selfie Trashers.jpg


Corey Bernardi’s office has been trashed by protestors who have turned tables over, and tossed paperwork around.   The gay rights protestors stormed his office to do the damage – pictured.

Earlier today a group of protesters marched to his office in the Adelaide suburb of Kent Town leaving its contents in disarray and scrawling slogans on its facade including “stop homophobia” and “Australia’s Trump”.

The Safe Schools program is designed to reduce bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning (LGBTIQ) students. It underwent an independent review after Senator Bernardi raised concerns in the Coalition party room that it “indoctrinates kids with Marxist cultural relativism”.

I hope that Corey is successful in his push for a full parliamentary inquiry into this program and who exactly is behind the explicit content for young students.


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