License to Lie: 00Muslim

The Rubin Report: a must see for full throated freedom lovers everywhere.  In these videos, Dave Rubin speaks to Bill Warner, who has dedicated his life to educating the general public on Islamic doctrine, the story of Mohammed, and the keys to the freedom castle.

I have so much respect for both Rubin and Warner, and if you claim to be Christian, you will know that Jesus was not nice, He was kind.  He spoke truth to power and was capable of debate and argumentation.   If you are Christian, I hope you have not distilled Christianity to mean “BeNice”.  Christians  are now morally bankrupt. They have stood by in polite silence while the persecuted have been slaughtered by devout Muslims, just like Mohammed did.

Warner sums it up nicely:  “To cut a diamond, you need a diamond, but to cut Islam you need Mohammed.”

Watch the whole thing, and pay attention to a young man with more courage in his little finger than most men have in their whole lives.



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