Tribute to Ash

Our cherished young mate Ash lost her David-v-Goliath battle with brain cancer earlier this month.

Ash was diagnosed in October 2015 with a dangerous brain cancer which we called “Gollum”.  She knocked back chemotherapy as a first course of action (and always intended to take it as a last resort), and knocked back radiation.

She stayed with us after her first surgery.  A million and one things could have gone wrong, but we got our Ash back after the first, second and third brain surgeries, but the fourth one seems to have got the better of her.

Ash wished me good luck on the day of my surgery with a text that read

“Good luck today my beautiful friend! Stay strong – you’ve got this :)”

Ash’s wit and advice despite her own battle with a far more serious cancer was ongoing, and the fact that such a young woman could put aside her own fears to comfort someone almost double her age was amazing to me.

Ash, I am so very sad that you have made the transformation that none of us can avoid.  I had a couple of very dark days where I cannot imagine your parents are now traveling.

We noted your presence in the clouds overhead at the end of your funeral service, and your insistence on letting us know you were fine – I explained it to your sister.

You have given us wit, warmth, encouragement and entertainment through the years.

We will miss you Ash.  So very much.



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