Vale Bob Carter


I was awoken from a deep sleep last night by a phone call from a cherished mate.  She told me the heartbreaking news that Bob Carter had passed away from a heart attack suffered a few days ago.

I knew Bob for only a few years, but the last I saw of him was in 2013 on a cattle station just outside of Charleville.   I got up in the morning and snapped this picture of his  car, wearing the red badge of honour that comes from Western Queensland.  The rising sun caught the redness of the mud as juxtaposed against the brilliant white of the  car.

Bob was intelligent, personable, humble and sociable.  I bumped into him at a function  in Brisbane where he gladly snapped a picture of me with Vaclav Klaus, the then President of the Czech Republic.  He was knowledgeable, wise, kind and funny.

The world has lost a giant  of a man.

Vale Bob Carter.  May you rest in peace.  You have left a legacy of honour, respect, kindness, intellect and reason.

My heart goes out to your family, friends and colleagues.   You were larger than life.  You will be missed.




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